Falmouth Design
There is nothing more inspirational than the raw beauty of nature, and there is no where better to capture that beauty than Cornwall. Falmouth Design was founded out of a desire to capture and share this beauty, positivity and life.
— Ian Wells

In 2014 my wife and I made the difficult decision to move our family away from the South East of England to Cornwall. We regularly visited the Duchy and always dreamed that, one day, we would make living in Cornwall a reality. We wanted to give our family the best possible childhood and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and abundance of nature that Cornwall has to offer.

Quite soon after arriving in Cornwall I began to take photographs, mainly of the beaches that we visited as a family, and soon after various people approached me and wanted to buy the photographs that I had taken!

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Falmouth Design was born in and, just a few years later, we now supply over 100 stores throughout Cornwall with a wide selection of greeting cards, prints and gifts and have a flourishing Etsy online store.

We were not done there, however. Leveraging our experience of running 3 successful businesses in the past, we began to help and support local businesses in areas such as designing websites at affordable prices right through to creating entire brands!

I believe that what differentiates Falmouth Design is the desire to go above and beyond in every situation that we encounter whether that is the quality of our products or the websites that we create for our customers - our desire to push boundaries is what helps us to deliver on our promises to our customers.